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2014 Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics
Defending Premillennialism

Seventh council meetings focus on premillenialism

“Defending Premillenialism” was the focus of presentations and discussions at the seventh annual Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics.

The September 17–18 council events took place at Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. 

Organized and moderated by Seminary Dean, Dr. Mike Stallard, the 2014 session followed similar meetings held since 2008. The next meeting will be at Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit in September 2015.

Papers will be posted online later this fall at after feedback from the presentation and discussion is incorporated. Photos, a list of members, and information from previous Councils are online now.

Workshops and Discussion
Premillenialism is the belief that Jesus Christ will physically and literally return to the earth at the Rapture and reign at the end of a period of tribulation for a literal 1000 year millennium on earth. Dispensational premillennialists believe that the Nation of Israel will have a major role in this coming earthly kingdom.

“Our meetings focused on a biblical defense of premillennialism,” said Dr. Stallard.  “All of our discussions dealt with premillennialism in some way–either a biblical defense based upon certain Bible texts or in response to detractors of premillennialism”

Eleven speakers participated in workshops with papers presented and quality discussion times following.  

“I think the actual discussions we had were among the best in the history of the Council,” Stallard commented on how well the council was received by those attending.


Annual meetings of the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics serve to add academic weight and credibility to the effort at keeping objective interpretation of scripture at the forefront of modern biblical presentation in churches and academia. The event serves as a forum for traditional dispensationalists to discuss hermeneutics and related matters.

Councils have been held annually since 2008. The Council is moderated by Dr. Mike Stallard, Dean of Baptist Bible Seminary.

The 2014 Council will be held in September at Calvary Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO.

It is the goal of organizers to take the Council to places away from BBS’ Clarks Summit, PA, campus in alternate years, such as Houston in 2012, enabling more pastors and church leaders to participate and grow in their understanding of these issues.

Steering Committee
Members of the Steering Committee are Dr. George Gunn (Shasta Bible College), Dr. Joe Parle (College of Biblical Studies), Dr. Mark Soto (Grace Seminary), Dr. Elliott Johnson (Dallas Theological Seminary), and Dr. Mike Stallard (Baptist Bible Seminary).

Our Hope Blog
For further discussion of the Council and other topics, check out the personal blog of Dr. Mike Stallard, Dean of Baptist Bible Seminary: Our Hope.

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